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Security Marketing: Thought Leadership – how to make it work?


By Israel Gogol

The concept of thought leadership is well known, and marketers in across the world invest a lot of time and effort in creating thought leadership pieces. B2C industries rely heavily on social media and key opinion leaders to promote their products, but is this model also relevant to B2B market?

One problem we see is that many of the thought leadership articles written in the security industry are very similar to each other, how can security marketers write thought leadership that really works?

We asked our editorial team for advice and examples of thought leadership pieces that resonated the most with readers. They chose 2 pieces by one of our advertisers, hard drive manufacturer Seagate.

Reading through many articles, our editors recommend 2 key principles in writing a thought leadership piece:

1.  Match the content to the Audience - Talk technical to technical people, talk business to business people

A successful thought leadership piece needs to match the content to what the readers want to read and learn. Are the readers interested in making their job easier? Are the readers interested in saving costs? A good product offers value on all fronts, but as a marketer you need to emphasize the point that will echo the most with your audience.
If we take a&s readership as an example, our readers are mostly professional channel players: distributors and integrators. They are interested in real case studies and stories that show how products solve end user problems. In one of their posts on, “Rasilient Systems chooses Seagate SkyHawk Drives: 1000 cameras/ zero frame drop”  Seagate brought to the front Rasilient, a partner company that uses Seagate’s specialized surveillance drives. This is a good example, since Seagate is not blowing its own horn, instead, having Rasilient tell how it succeeded using Seagate products is a very strong example of the product’s advantages and a good example of thought leadership done Seagate right.

2.  Match the speaker with the audience

The article “Hard drive failures and how to prevent them” was joint work by a&s and one of Seagate’s key sales engineers. It is a god example of how to choose the right speaker. a&s integrator readership is interested in hearing from field engineers with experience in real world problems. A piece written 100% by marketers wouldn’t have hit the mark as it would have had too much “marketing fluff”.

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