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Marketing In Security: Is Trade Media the Best Fit for You?


By Prasanth Aby Thomas

Prasanth's Linkedin profile. 

This is a second guest post written by a&s editor Prasanth Abby Thomas, discussing  B2B marketing in the security Industry.

In this post, Prasanth examines the factors you need to consider when choosing a trade publication and the common mistakes companies make when trying to get themselves featured.

Deciding on a publication

You should consider three factors before deciding on a media outlet:

1.      Target audience

Most trade publications come under the B2B category. In the security industry, this means the readers are mainly systems integrators, distributors, and consultants. Some end users, who are security admins at organizations, may also read trade publications, but their numbers are usually few.

If your marketing strategy is targeted at the categories mentioned above, trade publications are an ideal place to get your brand in. But if your target audience is mainly end-customers, then you may want to consider consumer media.

2.      Readership

Ask these questions:

·      How many readers does a publication have?

·      How many subscribe to their e-newsletters?

·      How many of these newsletters get opened?

·      Who are these readers? (refer the target audience section)

·      Where are these readers based?

Are the answers in line with your marketing requirements? If yes, good. Else, find some other.

3.      Medium

This part is tricky. Some readers still read print media, but their numbers are decreasing. Mobile devices are the most popular way to access content now.

A lot of research is being done on what kind of media people like to consume these days. Some say the attention span of readers has shrunk so much that anything more than 600 words is a waste of effort. Others suggest this is not so, that long-form content is what matters to readers. In between, there are speculations on video being more popular than text. A company I recently spoke to wants to experiment with podcasts, but their marketing manager is not even sure how to do it!

Frankly, digital media is a mess. The massive number of options overwhelm marketing managers. New platforms come up now and then, and suddenly there is a buzz around trying it out. Nobody has the time to properly evaluate the efficacy of the platform because the next one is already waiting around the corner.

So, how do you zero in on a media? In my experience in B2B, in-depth, long-form articles written in a simple, straightforward style packed with credible, exciting information is the best way to market.


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