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Top 10 Most Read Topics of 2019

Each year more than 2 million visitors come to to read about security and smart building solutions. Based on 2019 most read articles, we wanted to share with you some ideas on what types of content can help engage a large audience of security professionals.

asmag's Top 10 Best Email Subject Lines 2019
(With Formulas and Examples) has an extensive database of security and smart home professionals around the world that subscribe to our weekly "security and IoT" and monthly vertical newsletters. Based on 2019 most opened newsletter, we want to share with you our top 10 tried-and-true examples of, best practices, the type of subject lines and subject matters that performed well in security industry.

MFNE 2020 Asia Email Marketing Media Kit 

Leveraging robust media resources and decades of experience in the industry.
Download our 2020 Asia media kit to find out the various optimal Asia-focused email marketing options we provide to meet the demands of all professional security and IoT professionals.